Froyo (AndroidOS 2.2) on my Droid 1

Sure it is only a day or so away, but when news came out that the Official Update was available from an Official server for a manual update [1]  …. zoom zip and Bobs our uncle .. 2.2 on my little ol Droid 1. After that it was a few installs to get Flash and ChromeToPhone working as well as some housekeeping(mainly moving apps to the SD…that one feature alone is worth the update)…done. Flash is not bad even on the slow Droid 1. Would it be better on something with a faster cpu like say a Droid 2 or X…heck yeah but I have another year or so on my contract by which time they will be free or close to it. I am kicking myself for not rooting it before moving up, thats ok though as it will keep me from futzing with it overly much….well more than I already do.  Time will tell how well I like it and if I feel the need to root the thing.