In my thoughts to possibly inhabit a GitHub repo soon…Web,chat,audio stream,etc etc…the standard Anyfesto setup that, instead of being a stand alone island, connects to an existing network and then puts up all it’s offerings as Hidden Services on the onionrific Tor network. You could advertise the services or only hand them out to a few…your call.

Podcast Listeners Nov 2018

Here now, a tad late, the state of the WSMF podcast listeners.

badge.rss 416
biggestcult.rss 1349
fibaday.rss 321
gildyaday.rss 76
hardboiled.rss 594
hbp.rss 250
historynow.rss 485
information.rss 56
musicaday.rss 49
mysteryaday.rss 65
orson.rss 430
oteaday.rss 270
quizaday.rss 48
resistories.rss 24
serialized.rss 390
sfaday.rss 107
shepaday.rss 5035
talk.rss 37
thisdayinfunny.rss 115
west.rss 55
wsmfaday.rss 1362
yourstruly.rss 64

Files and docs are now or soon will be up here…

Files and docs are now or soon will be up here has an amazing track record for keeping projects from disappearing into the background dust of our modern worlds. If there is anything that needs placing on that page just let me know.

A collection of documents and images to help build and use a CardIAC for education of computer sciences. Created at Bell Labs

Two Bits Of Ellison

Two Bits Of Ellison

My two bits to add to the Ellison remembrances… I read a metric ton of science fiction as a kid and tended to gravitate to the character/social edged writers. The ones that got beyond device as plot and hooked up a good character set into the mix.

In my early twenties I spent some time in the midst of a big telemarketing house in NYC. If you were scrapping for dollars back in the early 80's you too might have done your time at Ed Blank Associates. Yea, you know the place. The downside to phone sales was I was mostly horrible to slightly amusing at the gig, the upside was I made a good number cruncher/admin. So I moved from the phones to the office.

At night I had use of a few dozens of phone lines, dozens. I mapped the operator network around NYC, I played with odd ball numbers that were floating around in zines and bbs's. Late one night I decided I wanted to talk to Harlan Ellison.
I had found the number somewhere or another some time back. I was in the midst of reading thru Dangerous Visions and rereading some older works. So add a bit of fanboism , some late night boredom, and a what-the-fuck moment and there I was dialing this I dialed the number.

For the next 20 mins I chatted with Harlan Ellison. I do not remember much of what we talked about, I asked about some characters and editing Dangerous Visions He asked me what I wanted to do with my life, what I was doing to grow a skill. I must have babbled on about bbs's and tech because he asked why I was into computers. It was not dismissive but he seemed more amused. We wound down,, I fumbled a good bye and like that…I had chatted with Harlan Ellison.

Years latter I recounted this to another author I had fallen in with for a time. He let me know about the evils of Ellison, that there was a group called the Enemies of Ellison. Over the years the tales of Ellison's barbs became the stuff of legends and the legends spawned a feud and the feud spawned a possible punch or a swing or something of that sort…and yeah there was/is The Enemies of Ellison. The things you find out during the late early hours in an old NYC office building while a few dozen 14.4 modems lights blink merrily along.

Which makes an Ellisonian sort of sense. He was not a simple human, had spikes and spit and vinegar in him. He also was able to conjure up stories and characters that still have a place in my thought space.

So here is to Harlan Ellison. The beautiful bastard who created some great works, pissed off a fair amount of humans, and one night had 20 mins to chat with me.

Not soon forgotten

Has anyone read this yet? Reviews would be great.

Has anyone read this yet? Reviews would be great.

The Paper Computer Unfolded: A Twenty-First Century Guide to the Bell Labs CARDIAC (CARDboard Illustrative Aid to Computation), the LMC (Little Man Computer), and the IPC (Instructo Paper Computer) [Mark Jones Lorenzo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Paper Computer Unfolded reveals the untold true story of three fully programmable computers that were made of nothing more than paper

Our Show Of Shows Podcast

The amazing podcast that is all about old time radio is going strong. With 6 episodes out and many more planned we are now aiming to get a more regular schedule of releases. Stay tuned and do not forget to subscribe to the Podcast Feed.

This Is The BBC Bit Service….

This Is The BBC Bit Service….

I picked a pair of these up for the family hackspace. From the packaging to the setup to the online resource the BBC MicroBit is all killer and no filler. At 16 us bucks it is a bargain you can not pass up.



The Summer of CardIAC Code is producing some great things. One participant has lovingly cleaned up and hand typed the scan of the original manual into a crisp thing of beauty. My draft of an revised Print Your Own CardIAC is also ready for testing.
All of these things and the original scans can all be found up at our new collections page ( )

Moving ahead all additions and items will wind up in this collection. We have groups here on G+, on FB, and several other sources such that keeping each of those places updated with the newest versions is a pita. The collection will be our one stop for all the things.

Keep the input coming folks. I am looking forward to having enough new code to make a supplement to the manual as well as translations.

Thanks to all who are part of this and Onward. 

A collection of documents and images to help build and use a CardIAC for education of computer sciences.Created at Bell Labs