The Summer of CardIAC Code is producing some great things. One participant has lovingly cleaned up and hand typed the scan of the original manual into a crisp thing of beauty. My draft of an revised Print Your Own CardIAC is also ready for testing.
All of these things and the original scans can all be found up at our new collections page ( )

Moving ahead all additions and items will wind up in this collection. We have groups here on G+, on FB, and several other sources such that keeping each of those places updated with the newest versions is a pita. The collection will be our one stop for all the things.

Keep the input coming folks. I am looking forward to having enough new code to make a supplement to the manual as well as translations.

Thanks to all who are part of this and Onward. 

A collection of documents and images to help build and use a CardIAC for education of computer sciences.Created at Bell Labs