Summer of CardIAC

While we here all love the CardIAC it may not be something others will take to. The skills it teaches though can be found here and there in other games and website. Yes the world has moved in some interesting ways to learn since the early days of the CardIAC. Here then are some of those resources you might find useful/fun/educational.

The Human Resource Machine.-
From the makers of the family favorite Little Inferno comes the programming puzzle game fun for all ages. It starts off easy and works up to some of the core ideas of computing. It is also presented in an fun manner.

You find an old computer at a yard sale. It has the thinnest of manuals. It is your task to work through the problems and in the process uncover the secrets behind it. The instruction set is a bit more than the CardIAC and being able to code multiple threads is hellafun. As a bonus you can run this in sandbox mode and code up amazing things. One fella made a full rogue like game with it.

This picks up where TIS100 leaves off. Here you are building components and the code that runs them in order to build ever more complex devices.
The game sets you as an employee in a Shenzhen based electronics company.