Countermoves Zine Volume 1 Issue 1

is available for printing, distributing and sharing

in the File section of the Countermoves site

One month and a load of news to tell.

Two Zinelettes have been released to the public.

  • The first is of Lloyd Krasner’s Malta Convoy. a great little solo dice simulation of the hard won naval mission.

  • The second is of the Countermoves Generic Microgame Engine. This is the core rules to create just about any microgame you can think of. An example gameworld is included. Expect to see lots more CGME gameworlds and gamesets in future zines and zinelettes.

    The draft of our first issue of the Zine is now complete and getting its final workover. The public release is expected on 12/22/01. The issue is 34 pages packed full of games, articles and variants. Its amazing how fast this issue came about. Issue 2 is already getting material.

  • Officially Official..We are having a stork visit.

    The Higgins House will sprout our newest Bloger some time in late July -early August. Names have been selected for both major genders. Ultrasounds jpgs and womb like mp3s are not an if but a when. The rights to stream the birth have been flatly turned down. Oh well, cant win em all:)-

    Stephan has done an amazing job with the new web site for Countermoves. You can now reach our main page simply by going to This section will continue to be the news section, so look here for whats cooking.

    I have added some new features here that might be useful. First off, look up right under the Countermoves logo, which comes to us by way of the creative hands of Mr Trevor Blake.

    Under this logo you will find a few links that point to some useful Countermove sections. he first is the NEWS section, which is what your reading, the second is the MESSAGE BASE which you is the conversational board, the third is the FILES section where you will find the parts and the whole of the zine and zinelettes, The fourth is the ARCHIVES of the news section and lastly is the CONTACT information, a place to email us.

    Next off is a way to COMMENT on the news items here. After each news item will be the name of the person who posted the item, a time stamp and then a way to COMMENT on it. This should be used for the items posted here , for further conversation about Countermoves head on over to the MESSAGE BASE.

    Give it a whirl and see how it flies.

    The first issue of Countermoves the Zine will most likely be put out in mid December 2001.

    We are well on our way to proofing the articles already sent in and are looking forward to getting more to inlcude in the zine. Head on over to the Message Board and join the fray.

    We have a pressing need for artists.

    Here will be the Countermoves Portal. I have gone and paid the fee to get rid of the ad banner up top, so that should be gone soon. I will work on formating the page to be more countermoves friendly over the next day or so.

    More as it happens.

    Zine–The zine is called Countermoves and its humming along nicely. There is a yahoo group for it whcih you can go and join if you wish.

    Jean Shepherd Netcast–I have been running the 24 Hour House of The Perpetual Ponderings of Jean Shepherd for over a year now witht he same 12 or so shows. Well this weekend I received a package of 8 cd crammed with over 800 of his shows all in mp3 and ready to netcast. There is now a special page for it which of course is hosted at Blogspot.

    Zines. The word conjures up images of unearthed arcanea, underground lore and the days when we knew less then we thought and learned more than we knew. Maybe I’m waxing poetic but over the last few years the hankering to not only read zines but also make them has surfaced again. So I am doing a game zine.

    Not an ezine, though there would be a pdf version of it, but a real honest to goodness printed on paper, Xeroxed, and stapled zine. Not a super gloss single focus publication nor a mimeographed anything goes fanzine but something in between.

    No I’m not turning neoludite and shunning all ezines, blogs, ASCII files and etexts, it’s just that I want to make something I can hold in my hands and read on the crapper. Having access to a printer that does Booklet Printing and purchasing a Big Assed Stapler have solidifed my resolve.

    Living in Portland OR I am fortunate to have the Independent Publishing Resource Center close by when I’m ready to get into the thick of the deed. One great web sites to jump into the world of zines and zine making is The Zine and Ezine Resource Guide .

    The inspiration for doing a game zine is both a long yearning to do another zine, and places like Warpspawn, Games Cabinet, and the freebies section on PBEmporium. Games cabinet hasn’t been updated in nearly a year, which bums me out. Warpspawn has so much going on all the time with new rules sets coming out I think we could easily get a full game or
    so in an issue with variants and the like.

    Id also like to tap into reviews, articles about micro and macro strategy games as well as puzzle games, cheap ass style games and other games that make the mind work for its keep.

    Id also like to make the zine freely distributable, that is while the articles themselves are copyrighted to the authors who
    wrote them anyone who grabs the pdf of the zine could print out copies for themselves and their buds so long as its not altered in any way and no fee is charged for the zine itself.

    I have no aspirations whatsoever of making a dime off this project, I’ve been in too many projects to know that if you think your even going to break even on costs your mostly off your rocker. So knowing that going in I am thinking the cover price should be 0$. Im at a point in my life where the cost to do this as I see it being done would be less than many of my other projects.

    With the PDF of the issue available folks can grab it, print it out and run off a few copies to seed to their game circles, local game stores, or where ever they think it would be good to have them. I myself would be able to run off and staple about 100 copies or so. Guerilla Distribution.

    If you are interested in this drop me a line at .

    When you can not be there in person sometimes it helps to just see whats going on. I’ve been watching NYC from my office palantir all day, its good to see the beat returning.

    Here and Back Again
    In recent months I have been starting several projects which has ment this space has reamined unchanged. Now that the other projects are under their own speed I can refocus back here. If you have come here from the WSMF.ORG address then you will know some of the places I have been spending my time. Look to the column on the side of this page for a list of most of the places you can find me online.

    WFF n Proof Rides Again

    Ever have that urget o go back and regain the old Wff N Proff star? If you grew up with this game your probably right there with me. Well it may not be the game but the MetaMath Site sure does take it to new limits.

    Little Blue Books

    Long before Everything, long before the internet there was the Little Blue Books. Created by Emanuel Haldeman-Julius in 1919 these were small low price paperback pocketbooks that were intended to sweep the ranks of the working class as well as the “educated” class. The idea was to get works of literature, a wide range of ideas, common sense knowledge and various points of view out to as large an audience as possible. For a nickel anyone could purchase a volume of the collection of over 2,000 titles known as the Little Blue Books

    In just nine years the idea caught on all around the globe. The Little Blue Books were finding their ways into the pockets of laborers, scholars and the average citizen alike. The St. Louis Dispatch called Julius “the Henry Ford of literature”. Amongst the better known names of the day to support the Little Blue Books were Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, Admiral Richard Byrd, who took along a complete set to the South Pole, Franklin P. Adams of Information Please and the thousands of average folks who purchased the Little Blue Books through a mail order system and latter in book stores.

    Because the topics of the Little Blue Books covered political ideas as well as a wide scope of religious views as well as literature and general knowledge, the FBI viewed his achievements as a threat and landed him on their enemies list. At the time of his death in 1951 Emanuel Haldeman-Julius had done something that transcended the paranoia of the establishment, for a nickel he offered everyone access to a world of learning.

    I have had the opportunity to actually hold a few of these. Its pretty humbling if you let the scope sweep over you. Here are these discrete chunks of knowing that were available for a few cents. The size of the books are such they could easily fit in a shirt pocket. A worker could have a few tucked in their shirt pocket ready for the reading at any spare moment. It was more accessible then the net is now for most people. Until we get affordable wireless PDAs with affordable access to something like Project Guttenberg or Everything we are still lacking the scope and penetration the Little Blue Books had. This is not to knock what we have done on the net, its just to point out that we are standing on the shoulders of giants and have miles to go before we sleep.

    A great resource for learning more about the Little Blue Books is

    What is Guerilla Network Trading?


    What is Guerilla Network Trading?
    A program made for spreading political propaganda in countries without the freedom of speech.
    Guerilla Network Trading is a distributed file system using network in network, inspired from Gnutella. The princip is, if you have a client, that client knows 3-5 other computers, that knows 3-5 other computers…..
    The problem using Gnutella is the traceability with downloading, the search for something is distributed, but the downloads is still performed peer to peer.
    We have (with the loss of performance) made a piece of software that downloads though the network in network.
    This means, if you are computer A, that searches for a file, and that file is found on the computer D, then the download could be from d-c-b-a. The point is that you never will know!

    Due to the performance in this kind of file transfering, it is recommened only to use with high bandwith, and not with too many computers (100 computers is preferred).
    The communication between the clients is done by using RSA 2048 bit assynchronious cryptation and 128 bit blowfish.
    The cryptation between the different clients is also done with different blowfish keys, to avoid someone listening on the network and figure out who is sending the data.