Yesterday I goto my Copyleft DVD CCA tshirt in the mail. I put it on this morning. Sometime near afternoon , by the power of this ruling I am now in violation of Da LAw.

No big shakes though. The 2600 lawyer was well aware this would go down against them. The way the DMCA is set up there was no choice. Now the real fun starts, it goes up to the big courts, which means its judgement will cover more than just NY state and this one issue.

Another clear indication that real freedom is never won, its is fought for every day.

Whats your definition of FUM (Fuck You Money)? How much would you need to set up your dream lifestyle? Would it be self sustainin or a simple burn rate to oblivion? The Forks List has a good thread on this very topic. It starts off with a post supposedly from a Larry Ellison speach and ends up…well its still going on.

One of the two places we are registered for our wedding is over at Wedding Network Gift Registry

The other place is the ever loveable Target (known to one and all as Les Target).

Go see what we think we need and then surpirse us with stuff even more incredible:)-

One week Five days Two hours and Ten minuets Till Im Married