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Public Domain Doomed?

The Supreme Court gave an unpleasant 7-2 decison to lock in long term copyright controls All the works that should have fallen into the Public Domain are now locked out of the PD for a lifetime or two.

Most works made after the 1920’s will never go out of copyright

Disney has been a major force in pushing this through. Its more important to them to keep control of the Rat than for our country to have a rich and vibrant public domain as envisoned by Jefferson et. al. A tip of the slave hat to Sonny Bono for his great works in shackling works.

So the companies keep thier works, the courts rule you can extend on demand, and the Public Domain is locked up.

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  • The Arguement-
  • The Decission-
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  • The Second Dissention-
  • Volume 1 Issue 4 of Countermoves has officaly been released.

    In this issue we take a look at two of the three second place winners of the Microgame Design Contest of 2002. Harvest The Wind takes on the conflicts around the Plains in the days of the American westward expansion while Steel and Crystal gives us a solo game engine for fantasy settings. Glider Pit Gladiators, a game of glider based combat, was the third second place winner but its author has opted out of having the game printed in Countermoves. For a look at all the entrants and the final standings grab a copy of Countermoves Volume 1 Issue 3.

    We also get a look into the world of Braille Chess , see what the family is playing round the dinning room table and get a few words from your humble narrator.

    With the RIIA forcing legislation to “tax” all netcasting it was only a matter of time before a new/old method took to the wires. PeerCasting works by having each listener of a channel become a relay so others can listen. The more folks that listen the more folks can listen, each giving what they can to realy. The client does all the realying and bandwidth limiting for you, the interface is easy to use, and offering up conent is a snap.

    I had a test server up, but truth be told Im just not up for netcasting at the moment. Head over to the WSMF Listening Room and grab a few audio goodies.

    Holiday Joy from the new house, click on the happy faces for the very large versions

    Having a house makes many things possible. Aside from more room to play with the kids, setting up community networks, hanging with friends, sitting by the fireplace with the love of my life and cooking there is this ….Brewing. First step…Cider My eventual goal…Fred

    To counteract the lack of activity here on this webpage our family life has been bustling with action. Since our last entry we have taken a trip to South Dakota, purchased a new house, moved into said house and are now in the process of unpacking the plethora of objects into our new surroundings.

    Benjamin and Heather are both growing by leaps and bounds. Pictures and video will be made available to those who care to see them via our new DSL net connection, which once again has given me the ability to set up web servers, zope servers and a host of other networking goodness.

    The new home and the new DSL have also allowed me to enter the wonderful world of wireless networking not just in the house but as part of a community networking system. The Portland Personal Telco Project is the one I am hooking into locally as well as using SeattleWireless , Freenetworks.org and NoCat as jumping off points for learning all the new voodoo not just for the tech aspects but for community building aspects. Once again an opportunity has arisen to make open communication between people possible. Lets hope it gets wide spread use before the corporations and the govs find ways to regulate down to sterility.

    Thanks to the power of Sourcefroge we can now get Reader Feedback:)- If you have read Countermoves Volume 1 Issue 3 please take a few seconds to use the easy to fill out Survey over at the Survey Section of our site. Your feedback will help us fine tune Countermoves. Thanks for the help.

    Volume 1 Issue 3 Released

    Volume 1 Issue 3 ( Spring/Summer 2002 ) is now sitting in the Files Section.

    This issue is packed full of great game goodness. There is a run down on the results of the Microgames Design Contest 2002 as well as the game that took First Place, Operation Whirlwind by Brain Train. Walt O’Hara checks in with some variants for The Illuminati as well as the solutions to last issue’s WordFind. There is a double dose of Trevor Blake, an article on using coins for dice and a public domain chess rules. Devlyn Davis has a stinky game of dice for kids called Skunk. Of course there are this issue’s installment of the Tech Deck, various words from yours truly as well as some graphical fun.

    There are two version to choose from. The Print Ready version is all set to be sent to your printer; print odd pages on one side, even pages on the other..even without a duplex printer this is a snap. The Display Ready version is for viewing on your screen, that is the pages flow sequentially as opposed to the Print Ready printer ready sequence.

    Either way they are there for you to read , enjoy. Issue 4 should be here by the end of December

    Volume 1 Issue 3 beta Now Ready

    A proof ready color copy of Volume 1 Issue 3 ( Spring/Summer 2002 ) is now sitting in the Files Section. Please download it, read it, enjoy it , and send back any feed back to me. If no major changes need making this will become the full release version.

    At one month of age young Benjamin Wallace makes his first run in at Yankee.Stadium.

    The Results of the Microgames Design Contest 2002

    The contestant worked thier magic, the judges played the creations. Now we see just whose cusine will reign supreme….sorry too much Iron Chef.

    Aside from honor and glory of doing a job well done the winners in each category as well as the #1 and #2 overall winners will be spotlighted in a special issue of Countermoves. All entries have the option of being publish in Countermoves.

    First place overall gets first pick of any two prizes listed below. Second place overall gets the pick of one prize listed below.

    Task Force Games Valkenburg Castle

    Metagamings Artifact

    Interplay #1

    ButtonMen Vampires (Angel/Buddy)

    US Patent Number 1

    20 bucks

    Countermoves #2 color printed version

    Before we go any further I want to thank everyone who helped out in doing the MDC2002. I learnt a lot form it and hope the next one will be even better. I want to thank all those who entered games, they all are winners. I also want to thank those who sent in judge reports. I also want to thank my wife for not killing me during the contest.

    From the time I started to plan it till now we have had a newborn son enter the house:)- It makes me want to do a Newborn Microgame..but not right now.

    Now…it is time.

    In first place….Brian Train’s Operation Whirlwind.

    In second place…a three way tie

    Joe Scoleri’ Glider Pit Gladiator 2002

    David Allen’s Harvest the Wind

    Gottardo Zancani’s Steel and Crystal

    Benjamin Wallace Higgins

    At 12:45 pm Benjamin Wallace Higgins made a crash entry into the world. After a night of on again off again activity a C section was called for near noon. Seems the little hacker was messing with the internal cables and got three turns of the umbilical cord around his neck for the effort. Ill have to teach him about the art of cable bundling. Benjamin Wallace came out at 6 lbs 13 oz 20 somthing inches tall and doing what all Higgins boys do best… feed and sleep. Mother and Child are doing great.

    Off we go to the Hospital..Looks like its go time

    Benajmin Wallace Higgins is on his way.